The Underfloor Heating Company stocks all your necessary fixtures from Spreader Plates to Strip Insulation and Clips.

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  • pipe-repair-coupler-the-underfloor-heating-company

    Pipe Repair Coupler

    The repair coupler is the simple way to repair a broken section of 16mm underfloor heating pipe. Cut the broken section of pipe, inset the repair coupler to each end and tighten with a spanner. Each coupler includes an olive and double O…

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  • aluminium spreader plate triple groove THE UNDERFLOOR HEATING COMPANY

    Aluminium Spreader Plate – 3 Grooves 150mm Centres

    Durable aluminium spreader plate for installing warm water underfloor heating over suspending or joisted floors. Designed for high output systems using 150mm pipe centres. Each plate measures 1000mm x 395mm. For standard 400mm joists. Our 500 micron aluminium spreader plate…

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  • double-aluminium-spreader-plate the underfloor heating company

    Aluminium Spreader Plate – 2 Grooves 200mm Centres

    Durable aluminium spreader plate for installing warm water underfloor heating over suspending or joisted floors. Designed for standard output systems using 200mm pipe centres. Each plate measures 1000mm x 395mm. For standard 400mm joists. Our 500 micron (0.5mm) aluminium spreader…

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  • perimeter-strip-the-underfloor-heating-company

    Perimeter Insulation 50m

    Perimeter strip, also called edge insulation, reduces heat loss into the walls and is an essential material with screed installations. Most importantly, the insulation provides a cushion for the expansion and contraction of the screed during heating and cooling. Edge…

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  • pipe clips the underfloor heating company

    Pipe Staples

    40mm or 60mm barbed pipe staples to secure 15 or 16mm underfloor heating pipe to insulation board prior to screeding. The rigid clips are tough and durable and can easily be pushed into Kingspan/Celotex insulation by hand with the barbs…

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  • 1m clip rail the underfloor heating company

    Pipe Clip Rail – Pack of 25

    1m interlocking clip rail with self adhesive spacing strip. Hold 16-20mm underfloor heating pipe tightly in place prior to screeding. Clip rails slightly elevate the pipe above the insulation board so no contact is made which allows the screed to…

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  • Aqualay Master Panel

    Aqualay Master Panels are manufactured using high density extruded XPS as its core element finished with a hard wearing cementitious surface. Running through the body of each Master Panel is a series of highly effective heat transfer cores, manufactured from…

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  • Aqualay Multiflow Panel

    Aqualay Multiflow Panels are manufactured using high density polystyrene with cement reinforced surfaces. The eight channels of the Multiflow are designed to retain heat within the water pipe ensuring heated water is directed efficiently to the required heating zone. AQUALAY…

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  • Aqualay-universal-panel the underfloor heating company

    Aqualay Universal Panel

    Aqualay Universal Panels are manufactured using a lightweight polycement based compound as its core element. These panels provide installers and designers total flexibility for complex pipe route layouts. Aqualay Universal Panels effectively transfer heat across the floor surface, however they…

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  • High Density EPS Overlay Floor Panel

    Suitable for laminate, engineered wood, carpet, vinyl and tiles, the EPS overfloor panel offers an easy way to install underfloor heating into your home without needing to dig up the floor. The panels can are laid directly over the existing concrete, floorboards…

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  • Profix Panel – Pack of 10

    The Profix panel provides an easy and effective way to install a warm water underfloor heating system into your home.  The Profix system is just 15mm high and can be used on solid and suspended floors in both new build and retrofit…

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  • 10mm-insulation-board-the-underfloor-heating-company

    4mm Backer Board

    The 4mm backer board is designed specifically to provide a strong, level and extremely firm surface. They’re ideal for tiling and can be used over our high density EPS overlay heating boards if desired. The advantage of using the backer…

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