multilayer pipe the underfloor heating company

Our Multi-layer Pipe System (MLP) is an advanced, very hard wearing and easy to work with system. It is manufactured using a well-engineered combination of toughened plastic and overlap welded aluminium. This composite of high quality materials means that multi-layer pipe has similar strength and durability to metal pipes such as copper but also is lightweight, and easy to cut, shape and install like plastic pipes. It is a tried and tested product designed to give plumbers and installers the perfect balance of dependability and ease of installation.

In addition to being easy to work with, multi-layer pipe is incredibly hard wearing and dependable. The presence of the aluminium layer means that the the pipe expands and contracts much less than existing plastic systems. Instead, it has thermal expansion properties that are very similar to copper pipe, which means no sagging and far less strain put on the joints. All of which increases the lifespan and overall reliability of the installation. In addition this gives MLP a very broad operating temperature range, allowing it to function normally between -20°c and 95°c making it suitable for a wide variety of applications.