A choice of EVOH pert barrier pipe and pert-al-pert multi layer butt welded  pipes in 12 & 16mm diameter sizes. Both sizes available in multiple coil length.

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  • PERT-EVOH-PERT pipe the underfloor heating company

    16mm Pert Barrier Pipe – EVOH, Ultra Flex

    Our lightweight, ultra-flexible pipe that can be used in all types of warm water underfloor heating installations. Our 16mm EVOH pert pipe is manufactured to ISO9001 standards ensuring outstanding performance & reliability. PE-RT pipe consists of 3 layers which is…

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  • PERT-AL-PERT pipe the underfloor heating company

    European Standard 16mm Pert-Al-Pert Pipe

    Our range of pert-al-pert pipe is manufactured to ISO9001 European standards ensuring outstanding performance & reliability. 5 layer 16mm pert-al-pert pipe is used in all of our warm water underfloor heating kits and offers unrivaled suitability for underfloor heating by…

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  • PERT-AL-PERT pipe the underfloor heating company

    European Standard 12mm Pert-Al-Pert Pipe

    Our range of pert-al-pert pipe is manufactured to ENISO 9001 European standard ensuring outstanding performance & reliability. 12mm pipe is used in ultra low profile systems such as Profix, or in any overlay board with a profile less then 18mm….

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  • Underfloor Heating Pipe Staples 60mm The Underfloor Heating Company

    Underfloor Heating Pipe Staples – 40 & 60mm

    40mm and 60mm barbed pipe staples to secure 15 or 16mm underfloor heating pipe to thermal insulation board prior to screeding. The rigid pipe clips are tough and durable and can easily be pushed into Kingspan/Celotex insulation by hand with…

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  • the underfloor heating company eurocone pipe connector

    Pipe Connector

    Our universal range of eurocone pipe connectors are suitable for connecting both EVOH Pert and Pert Al Pert pipe to any 3/4″ manifold port. Each fitting includes an olive, insert and connection nut as shown in the picture. Available for 12,…

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  • pipe-repair-coupler-the-underfloor-heating-company

    Pipe Repair Coupler

    The repair coupler provides a quick and simple solution to repair a damaged section of underfloor heating pipe. How to use: Cut both sides of the damaged section of pipe Slide the olives onto the pipe Push the inserts into the…

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  • Pipe Reamer The Underfloor Heating Company

    Pipe Reamer

    Designed for 16mm pipe this professional, solid metal pipe reamer is used bevel and smooth the end of pipe in preparation for connection to manifold connector cores or pipe fittings. The reamer ensures a clean finish and fit with pipe connectors. Simply…

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  • pipe cutter-the-underfloor-heating-company

    Pipe Cutter

    An essential tool when installing a wet underfloor heating system, this professional grade multilayer pipe cutter is ideal for effectively cutting  multilayer pert-al-pert underfloor heating pipe. Quick and simple to use and designed to ensure a smooth clean cut that…

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  • clip-staple-gun-the-underfloor-heating-company

    Staple Gun

    A staple gun will massively reduce installation times by allowing the installer to insert pipe staples from a standing position while walking. This can really be appreciated on larger installations that require 1000’s of pipe clips to be fitted. Used from…

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  • the underfloor heating company pipe decoiler

    Pipe Decoiler

    The pipe decoiler makes life a lot easier by evenly dispensing the underfloor heating pipe from a spinning carousel and taking the weight, making heavy pipe coils much easier to handle. It’s main advantage is that it removes the need to have another…

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