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  • Heatmiser Neo Hub 2.0 The Underfloor Heating Company

    Heatmiser neoHub Gen 2 – Neo System Gateway

    The Heatmiser neoHub Gen 2 is the central gateway to the neo system that allows remote control of Neo thermostats. The Neo system is designed to be super easy to set up. After your neoStat/neoAir have been installed in your home, the neoHub…

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  • Heatmiser Boost Neo RF Repeater The underfloor heating company

    Heatmiser Boost V2- Neo & RF Series Repeater

    The Heatmiser Boost will extend the signal reach your Neo or RF thermostats if the signal keeps being lost or dropping out. The Heatmiser Boost is ideal for larger properties or any installation where the signal being received at the unit…

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  • Heatmiser RF Switch 16A The Underfloor Heating Company

    Heatmiser RF-Switch 16A – Electric Heating Receiver

    The RF-Switch 16A is our surface mount wireless receiver for electric heating. It is capable of switching up to 16A. Please note this is not designed for electric floor heating as there is no floor limiting sensor function.

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  • Heatmiser RF-Switch V2 – Two Channel Receiver

    The Heatmiser RF-Switch V2 is a two channel wireless receiver. The RF Switch can control two heating zones and one hot water zone and can be paired to the UH8-RF to provide a wireless link to the boiler. The Heatmiser…

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  • Heatmiser neoPlug The Underfloor Heating Company

    Heatmiser neoPlug – Smart Plug

    Expand your Neo System with neoPlug and control your home appliances from anywhere. What is neoPlug and how does it work? neoPlug lets you control appliances that are plugged into neoPlug. For example, if you want to be able to…

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  • Heatmiser neoAir Stand The Underfloor Heating Company

    Heatmiser neoAir Stand

    An attractive desk stand designed specifically for the Heatmiser neoAir wireless thermostat. An alternative way to house the unit if wall mounting is not an option. (neoAir not included)  

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  • Heatmiser Thimble Air Sensor the underfloor heating company

    Thimble Air Sensor

    The  thimble air sensor is used to measure air temperature in rooms where the thermostat can’t be physically present and is compatible with all Heatmiser thermostats with remote sensing features, such as the Slimline and NeoStat. The air sensor is housed in a…

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  • underfloor heating floor sensor probe the underfloor heating company

    Underfloor Heating Floor Sensor Probe

    The floor sensor probe provides accurate measurement and regulation of floor temperatures, making it the perfect solution for bathrooms and wet rooms where traditional thermostat placement may not be ideal. A floor sensor is also recommended when installing wooden flooring…

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  • Remote Sensor Housing

    The Heatmiser room sensor enclosure provides a way to safely wall mount a sensor probe or thimble sensor. This allows you to measure the ambient air temperature, ideal when the thermostat has to be mounted outside the room or have…

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  • Heatmiser neo stat wall plate The Underfloor Heating Company

    Neo Stat Wall Plate

    An attractive wall plate to surround the Heatmiser neoStat. Simply attach to the wall and fix the neoStat over the plate to add detail, making each unit more of an interesting feature.

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  • Heatmiser aerial extention

    Heatmiser EA1 – Extended Aerial

    The Heatmiser EA-1 aerial extender works with the RF range of wireless controls to give a signal boost to the UH8-RF wireless wiring centre. Radio Frequency communication is easily effected by certain materials like metal that can cause the signal…

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