Below are details of the various products in each of our multi-zone warm water underfloor heating kits.

Multi-zone A-rated Grunfoss Pump & Temperature Controller
A manifold control pack for providing temperature controlled mixed water to an underfloor heating system with a heat output up to 14kW. Designed to be lightweight and compact in order to connect directly onto a standard manifold without the need for extra brackets or support. The control pack consists of a mixing valve, A-rated 15/60 Grundfos circulating pump, return elbow, manifold adapter and all necessary seals.

2-12 Port Manifold
Essential in all warm water underfloor heating systems. Hot water from the boiler is pipe directly to the manifold, cooled via the blending valve and then distributed to each zone of the underfloor heating. Our underfloor heating manifolds consist of two manifold bars, one for the flow and one for the return complete with ball valves and drain/filling valves. On the flow bar each port has a flow indicator including an easy to read glass gauge. Each port on the return bar is equipped with an integral control valve and protection cap which allows the user to adjust the volume of water. The complete manifold allows for precise control over the flow rate and, ultimately, the heat output of the different zones of your underfloor heating system.

Each manifold assembly includes: Manifold Isolating Valves x 2 – Temperature Guage x 2 – Lockshields with flow meters on each port (0-5 l/min) – Drain/fill valves with blank cap x 2 – Automatic air vent x 2 – Metal fixing brackets x 2

Multilayer Pipe
Our 16mm multilayer pipe offers unrivaled suitability for warm water underfloor heating systems. The five-layer composite pipe combines the advantages of metal and plastic into one pipe. The aluminum core provides a barrier that is absolutely diffusion tight, preventing oxygen or other gases from permeating into the pipe which helps to combat flow rate reduction and the build up of micro-organisms. It also compensates and reduces snap-back forces and heat expansion.

60mm Barbed Pipe Clips
The supplied pipe clips are used for holding the pipe down in place during the installation process. As the pipe is laid into place a pipe clip is inserted around the multilayer pipe into the insulation board below. It is recommended a pipe clip is used for every 1m of pipe laid. The pipe clips are compatible with the pipe clip gun, also available separately.

Edge Insulation Roll
The edge insulation roll is laid around the perimeter of the room before screeding. The perimeter stip provides a cushion for the expansion and contration of the screed during heatong and cooling. It also stops heat loss into the wall to maintain a more efficient system.

Pipe Connector Cores
For connecting our underfloor heating pipe to the manifold. These 16mm-3/4″ compression fittings can be installed with just a simple spanner and provide a reliable, secure and water tight connection.

Room Thermostats
We offer a range of modern thermostats by Heatmiser that are tailored for underfloor heating. Turn dial, LCD digital, touchscreen and app controlled thermostats are all available to suit your preference. Each one is full of features and with a modern flush mounted design that looks good in any home.

Electrothermic Actuator
Our electrothermic actuators bolt onto the manifold and are used to automatically control and regulate the amount of heat being sent to each zone of the underfloor heating. When paired with one of our thermostats and wiring centre, when a signal for more heat is made at the thermostat, that signal is sent via the wiring centre to the actuator to open the port valve on the manifold to allow more hot water to flow into the system and then automatically the desired temperature is reached.

Heatmiser Wiring Centre
The wiring centre acts as a junction box that links the thermostat and actuators together which allows the system to operate smoothly, cooling and heating automatically depending on the temperature set at the thermostat.

Pipe Reamer
A professional grade tool used to de-bur and bevel the end of the pipe allowing for a clean and flush connection to the manifold.

Pipe Cutter
Our pipe cutter is used to cleanly cut multilayer pipe between 12 and 32mm. The pipe cutter ensures a clean cut without damaging the pipe and is an essential tool in any installation

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