What Are Underfloor Heating Mats?

Underfloor Heating Mats are floor heating cables arranged and already attached onto a mat. This helps make the process of installing underfloor heating quicker and easier – you put the mat down and you’re halfway there.

If you’re DIY or starting out, floor heating mats are an accessible way for people renovating their own spaces to install underfloor heating in about half a day. For experienced trades, the job can be done within minutes.

Why are Underfloor Heating Mats easier to install?

They’re pretty intuitive – putting a mat down feels a lot like popping down a rug!  Floor heating mats are easier because they are ready made to take away and use. In mats, the wiring has been spaced and measured perfectly for the size of the mat. That means the heating is optimal for that size of mat and corresponding room size. Also, mats are carefully manufactured to be consistent with most standard and regular shaped rooms and rooms sizes. For many people looking to install underfloor heating, a mat with a set square metre measurement matches the size of the room. Usually, floor heating cable has to be mapped, evenly spaced and measured perfectly to the floor space you need. The cabling is then laid and stapled or fixed, with additional floor coverings, adhesives and boards, depending on the type of kit and the flooring.

While mats can be used for all types of flooring, it is critical to ensure that the flooring you choose to pair with your underfloor heating mat kit is suitable for underfloor heating.

Benefits of Installing Underfloor Mats

  • Installed fast – usually in minutes

  • Energy efficient compared to radiators

  • Suitable for all floors when using the right mat and tools for the job

  • Pre-measured and spaced out heating wires – saves time and keeps your underfloor heating optimal and toasty

  • Low profile, keeps your floor height consistent

Mat-ter of fact…

Weight on top of underfloor heating mats

Underfloor heating kits are sturdy and stable, made to last for years and years. After all, if they’re good enough to be used for the interiors of football stadiums and pitches with hundreds of thousands of footsteps taken every week – or beneath the floors of factories with a tonnage of equipment on top – it should be more than suitable for your project. It really is all about the installation, and how you plan your room. Football stadium and pitch underfloor heating aside – a consideration to make is if your chosen flooring at the top (for example, underfloor heating for carpet or vinyl) needs a bit of help. You may require a sub-floor or board, to help spread the weight and keep the heating given off by your underfloor heating system even and optimal. Again – this is no big deal for an underfloor heating mat, due to the low profile that it ultimately takes up – just make sure that what you’re using is all compatible with each other!

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